My Pregnancy #2

Let me start by saying that pregnancy is very individual and that everyone has completely different experiences. So what works for one person in terms of supplements, foods, therapies etc may not work for another. 

This is what I have experienced so far in my second pregnancy and what I have done to manage my symptoms!

Trimester One:

Both in my first and second pregnancies, I have been very lucky in terms of symptoms. The main symptom I experienced with both is fatigue. However the second time around, I also experienced terrible nausea. I started to experience typical pregnancy symptoms from about week 6 onwards where I found myself in a zombie like state of exhaustion and for about 2-3 weeks felt so nauseas and unwell which was made worse by the fact that I was so tired and also had a toddler.  

Fatigue in pregnancy: This is a tiredness unlike any other tiredness I have ever experienced. You feel completely wiped out and exhausted. While during my first pregnancy I was able to take naps, this time was different and I wasn’t always able to take an afternoon nap. So the best advice I can give is to go to bed early. Some nights, I found myself in bed by 7.30pm right after my toddler was asleep. 

Nausea/ Morning Sickness: This is such an awful feeling and some days it was so bad I wish I was just able to vomit just to get some relief. I believe this was made worse by the fact that I felt so tired too. I felt nauseas all day long and some days it was even worse at night. However I started Acupuncture right away and after 3-4 treatments I found I was rarely feeling nauseas if at all. And while I didn’t feel like eating at all and the smell of certain foods almost made me gag, personally I found that eating smaller meals and blander foods such as rice and vegetables, rice crackers or fresh juices made me feel better and gave me enough energy to get through the day. 

Supplements: Having the right supplements are also extremely helpful as it allows you to receive the nutrients you need when you may not be getting them through your diet.  At a time when your body is going through so many changes growing a small human, there is a higher demand for these nutrients so while ideally it would be great if they can be supplied through the diet it just may not be possible. So if you are low in any of these, the baby will take everything it can from you, leaving you tired, pale and foggy headed!

Trimester Two:

I am now towards the end of trimester 2 and feeling much better! The nausea disappeared around week 9 and I started to feel the fatigue subside a little by about week 17 however with a toddler, I still have times when I feel utterly exhausted and in bed by 8pm. I began to do some light exercise again and began weekly pilates classes. I was able to eat more nourishing foods and the development of a little bump of course increases the excitement about the new little arrival!

Even though most women feel better in the second trimester, it is important not to push yourself. I continued with my supplements and made sure I used any extra energy I had to cook nourishing meals and batch cook food to freeze for those times I didn’t feel so great. I added some light exercise to my weekly routine and made sure I took some time out (even if just for 10 mins) for me! 

Stay tuned for Trimester Three!